Identify Safe Programs


Read this review on CPF,,1895,1969225,00.asp

From The review:

They identify over 7,000 known programs as safe (a feature found in the Pro version of ZoneAlarm but not in the free edition), and multiple related pop-ups are automatically combined. Rather than wait for Comodo to notice each application’s first attempt at Internet access, I told it to scan the system for known applications and authorize them. That cut down the number of pop-ups dramatically—a nice feature.

Ok, so where in CPF can you tell it to scan the system for known applications? I’ve looked but must be blind. :wink:



Open up CPF and click the security tab at the top. You will see just over half way down a header called wizards. Underneath this you will see ‘Scan for known applications’ click this and your away ;).


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no kidding…can you use that scan for known applications at any time…when you install a new program or just to check…??..i have another topic i think 2 below this one…start up…see if you can help…thanks (L)

You can use it any time. If CPF recognises the program it will automatically add it when you do a scan or you can manually add when CPF alerts you through a popup.


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Glad you found it.