Ideas to make your Product #1 in the world

Hello, I have recently shared your product with a medium group of people who are happy that I included pre-configurations for trusted apps and ignored PowerUser tools (such as nircmd, cmdow TuneUp).

This ideas I have are basic enough to explain but I imagine a little more difficult to implement at a secure level.

Ok I’ll list them with basic descriptions and reasons.

  1. Ability to export the list of trusted applications and ignored Virus lists (Limited to set locations with CRC check or similar).

This would be handy to allow people to not have to spend another 2 weeks or more training their PC with the most basic apps - if they make it themselves it’s not your responsibility to offer the defaults with your install. Which brings me onto idea 2

  1. When you run the installer (Especially in silent mode) it would be very very nice if it could detect Sig Database updates for the AV software and also detect the Pre-Trusted Application list ← (feel free to use the name :)).

Why do this, I use the silent install method to add your product to an autorun menu with a list of other free products to select all at once to install to any Windows PC I come accross (they include 7zip, Audacity, a few Freeware games etc), but the thing is, once they are installed, the first time they are ran on this new machine they get 101 popups (YES they are popups, not notifications, due to them requiring interaction to remove them from the screen, or even use the app your trying to run). Now I know you’ve also added the ability to trust Company names - but many Open Sourced applications do not get a digital signature, making this usless for the REAL Unique benifit of your product - it’s full and free - people who want good things for free will usually get more than 1 free thing :D).

Basically I am trying to ask if you will consider making things more Automated and Pre Configured, using the install folder as the point of reference is a good idea for detecting exported compressed SIG files and exported compressed CFG files

Example of -

Included Files:


CIS_Setup_3.8.64739.471_XP_Vista_x32.exe -s

  • This will install the product silently
  • It will check the installer folder for .cfg files to use with the Pre Trusted Feature.
  • It will check the installer folder for .sig files to update the AV offline to a much more recent SIG base

What benefits does this offer to the end users?

  • No need to download the latest SIG set every fresh install they do, will also reduce your server loads.
  • They wont get 1 million questions on the reboot of their PC after installing COMODO.

Well that’s my ideas and if anyone can improve on it more before the team think about making it - or even if someone agrees with it - then I can say, it doesn’t hurt to ask for a great product to be made even better :slight_smile:

Thankyou for COMODO

1) Ability to export the list of trusted applications and ignored Virus lists (Limited to set locations with CRC check or similar).
I'm ASSUMING i understand this correctly, maybe or maybe not.

Comodo has a import / export configurations

Go to CIS
click on the “MISCELLANEOUS” button on top

P.S. I just realized my “caps lock” button was on. :frowning: Sorry :frowning:

I'm also guessing you know that version .477 is out now :-TU