Ideas for copying old VHS video to DVD

Basically as the topic suggests i would like to copy some old VHS videos to DVD.You can take it to places to have it done but id prefer to do it myself. I realise that you need some Hardware/Software to be able to do this,ive come accross Magix(rescue my video) but also was wondering about video capture cards and external capture devices.Has anyone ever done this and if so has any recommendations with regards the stuff needed.

Any advise/hints on what is good and what is not so good would be appreciated,

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There’s one device from HP that does that. I came across with it some time ago. Sorry, but I don’t recall the name. There’s also one from Canopus, Advanced Digital Video Converter 100 (ADVC 100). This last one must be really cheap now, as it is from 2004.

Then of course, you would need software.

One other solution would be to get a PCTV card and then connect your VHS player to the card. Perhaps, one from Pinnacle? I guess that software would come along with it.

That’s all I can say for now. This is based on a search I did in 2005. :slight_smile: I’m not really into it.

Give it a look.

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Err have you tried a scart lead from vhs machine to dvd recorder? Unless they are encrypted tapes then you need a scart to disable macrovision.

Since VHS tapes are analogue recordings, whatever you do will need to be done in real time, unfortunately.

In the past, I’ve used a video capture card or external USB capture device. Either will do as long as they have AV IN or S-Video IN. Pinnacle are good, as is Hauppage. My preferred brand of capture device is Leadtek - cheap but very, very good and with great PVR software.

The quality won’t be great but it’s better than losing the memories entirely.

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Yes you can use scart philex v good or video audio in/out connections I tried the latter with dnm audio cables with adapters v good results. Whichever you choose make sure the cable is highest quality copper.

I use my old camcorder for this, put the AV in from the Videoplayer and get Firewire out to the PC.
There’s my A/D converter :wink:

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Will look into all suggestions,now wheres that camcorder,and video player!(looks like im going in the loft)

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+1 on the quality cables and try and keep the legnth as short as practicable.