Ideas and discussion about the CIS installer

Do you think that CIS needs a new installer ? So that you won’t need to download everything, just the things you like…




If I want to whole CIS, I will download a small installer that will download and install everything on a dial up internet like mine? No way! If things happen like this, good bye COMODO!!!

COMODO, give us two options! A smal installer to do download and choose what to download (AV or Firewall, v.g.) and install, and the complete installer with the whole CIS! Please!

I’m with the Joker in that I prefer everything as one package to install. The option to not install modules is good, but the modules should be present to install, not left on a remote server somewhere.

Errm guys, I think I explained it wrongly. The Internet security bundle will stay the same, only you will have to download the things you want (!) to install. It could be better for dial-up users that for example don’t want Safesurf. Anyway, it’s just an idea they’re playing with…


I don’t like the ‘small installer, d/l rest’ scheme - I prefer to have the whole lot and then have the choice of parts to install.
I always try to find a portable-type version then, if that isn’t possible, try just extracting to a directory and see if the app. will run (not possible with anti-malware suites as they need at least some integration).

Even worse is the sort that tries to install other things - toolbars, web pages etc. - that are nothing to do with the app. - that’s getting close to malware, especially for some one who knows no better.

Really, it’s all about choices.

lol guys, I’m pretty sure that they will keep the “download whole package”, no need to freak out :slight_smile:


You gave it a 1 because you just breezed through in the install without reading any of the installation prompts? ???

That’s kind of ignorant if you ask me. I would hate to see what you do to the kid at McDonald’s who screws up your order.

It iz da vay it vill be and you vill LIKE IT!!

I personally do not like bundled stuff for a few reasons.
If I want various products from various companies, sometimes its not available as a bundle since its all or nothing
If the company muffs up a component and I no longer want to use it, again, its all or nothing.

At least comodo gives the option to install or not, but I think you still have extra crap labled in the menu that is not installed.

What’s better? Download the complete installer (40 mb) using a download manager on my dial up, or download a small intaller (240 kb), run it, choose AV and Firewall, and leaves it download what I choose and after install?

To me that’s a problem. First, because that small intaller requires my internet connection, and I won’t connect my pc to the net before I install a firewall. Second, because I have the option to download the complete CIS installer at work with high connection to the net.

As I said


I know a few complains about CIS installer being big… Now when they fix it, there is still complains…
Every decision COMODO makes seems to hurt somebody or making them “hate” Comodo and saying “bye bye”, I support comodo in this, I think its not too big of a deal since you install it once usually, sometimes you have to do a reinstall… We have yet to see how Comodo plans to do this also…

Maby it won’t be a installer that downloads the stuff you want, but rather you get to pick on the homepage what to dl and what not…

Still I could see this bringing some trouble to people who accidentally deselect a part of the suite… “Hey where is that good firewall they talked about”… :smiley:

And as Xan said they will most likely keep the download whole thing there since comodo latley has been working hard to put all the stuff togheter to one suite… This is most likely a good thing for those with bad internet and not something that will hurt us with a good connection… At least if they keep the doors open with the whole installer… :slight_smile:

You totally misunderstood my point!

Only because I think different from you or anyone does it mean I don’t support COMODO?

I’m not here to troll anyone! I use Comodo softwares since CPF v2.3 and I’m a moderator from a brazilian orkut comunity dedicated to COMODO, so don’t tell me that I don’t support COMODO.

I have many good reasons to prefer a big setup with all than a small one. If you prefer the small one, no problem!

The problem here is that we have only two options: all or nothing! COMODO shouldn’t act like this.

We saw in Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics that the virtue is in the middle, so maintaining both options in the installer COMODO can delight both Greeks and Troyans.

I know you support COMODO sorry came out the wrong way… But the question remains, do you support batman? :wink:

I know that you are not here to troll, sorry again. =)
I know you pointed out the D+ flaw against keyloggers, no doubt you are contributive and support comodo. :-TU
At least you are helping making CIS better…

Interesting point, yet when resources are limited (man power and such) sometimes cuts have to be made…
Guess we have to see how this installer thing ends up!

I actually don’t see your problem Joker. If Comodo let’s you choose between a download app, or the complete suite download there shouldn’t be any problem right ?


Hi Xan,

If I understood correctly what The Joker meant here

That would be indeed I may even say unacceptable thing.
We can have arguments how that implemented and how it can be improved and different but one of the positive things in current Setup procedure - you can do that as a completely standalone installation being disconnected and all other security temporarily killed so nothing interferes with Comodo setup.

My regards

P.S. One thing is a bit surprising though, how this discussion turned into deepness of Setup’s implementation, when from initial request we just wanted to find out whether correct option was ticked or not :slight_smile:

[at] Monkey_Boy=)

Excuse my words! :wink:

If…, right!

I think I’ll split this one :slight_smile:


If there is any problem I can always ask devs, but remember that this was theoreticly only, there are no things certain :slight_smile: