Ideas about CIS6 : Safe Box

(I am not a native English speaker . If I have any mistake , please let me know ! )

Now , some av vendors have released their new 2012 beta software, like kaspersky, panda, gdata. What about the next version of CIS ? Maybe there are CIS6 or CIS2012. What about your ideas on CIS6 ? I have some ideas about it . Share and talk them here:

CIS have top protection level on prevention, but it’s cleaning performance on infected computers is not good. Firewall + Defense plus do a good job on blocking. The detection rate of CAV need to be improved. COMODO spends many time in CCE lately. I think CIS6 should have a Safe Box. The tools in CCE should be integrated into CIS. There are three reasons on that :

1.In reality, many computers are infected. People use AV or IS cleaning their infected PC and hope their security software to help them to protect and clean their computers . Most of ordinary users don’t spend many time on AV software and like to use one IS suite on their PC.

2.Many AV tests measure security software on detection, blocking and cleaning. I think prevention is first place in PC security, but detection rates and cleaning ability are very important too. Because there are many computers infected in real life. Improving the detection and cleaning ability of CAV can get better results in AV tests and expand CIS reputation, market share in ordinary users.

3.Killswitch, DACS and other tools are great security tools. If integrating them into CIS, more users will benefit from COMODO innovation technology.

CIS should have a Safe Box in future. Safe box is a CIS funtion with advanced tools in it. I think some tools should be added in CIS Safe box firstly:

1.COMODO Active Killer (Killswitch) is a great tool to kill active malicious process quickly.

2.COMODO Community Scan (DACS) should be added in CIS Safe box. Why don’t integrating it into CAV? Many of CIS users only use CFP and Defense+. They use other AV with COMODO firewall. They should be protected by DACS. They are the key to success for DACS too. Because DACS is Distributed and Collaborative Scanning. Users with or without CAV can benefit from DACS in Safe box while they join COMODO Community Scan (DACS). CFP users get DACS without CAV and provide their AV to DACS. Now, DACS in CCE depends on volunteers. But if DACS be integrated into CIS, they must depend upon all COMODO Community users. Otherwise, volunteers’s ability are not sufficient. I don’t know how does DACS work in now. I think COMODO should use the AV registered in Windows Security/Action Center through DACS if users would like to join the COMODO Community Scan.

3.COMODO Power Cleaner : COMODO Power Cleaner uses the powerful cleaning technology in CCE. It scans virus on boot time or in files/folders customized. COMODO Power Cleaner uses CAV database with CIS users or cloud av database with CFP users and don’t need to download AV database once again.

4.COMODO Sandbox : Many users have misunderstanding ideas about COMODO sandbox(because of sandboxie). COMODO should distinguish virtual technology sandbox from policy limits (dropped rights) sandbox. Policy limits sandbox should continue with Defense+. Improving virtual technology sandbox and putting it into COMODO Safe box.

COMODO Safe Box can add more and more great tools in it. Those tools should be connected to CIS settings, so that improve it’s ability. If users join the COMODO Community Scan , it (DACS) scans in memory or more on default settings . A power scan profiles can be added to scan profiles . Selecting power scan can use COMODO Power Cleaner to scan computer thoroughly. Maybe power scanning mode will be activated by finding a virus in normal scanning. Of course, those tools can be used by hand.

CIS installation should be more personalized. Maybe including these parts:
1.Antivirus (CAV)
2.Firewall (CFP)
3.Proactive Defense (Defense+)
4.Safebox (ActiveKiller/killswitch, CommunityScan/DACS, PowerCleaner, Sandbox, etc.)
5.SafeWeb (SecureDNS)
6.LivePCSupport (Geekbuddy)
Users of ordinary and advanced can customize their installation perfectly and use of CIS better. I just think about it now. Do you have any new ideas about CIS6 or next version? Please talk about it !

(Note: I don’t the offical staff. But I believe COMODO and Melih like to hear from users ! ;))

I totally agree :-TU
Nice English by the way :smiley:

Maybe I’m alone on this one, but I think it’s way too soon to be calling any application “2012”. Kaspsersky 2011 final was released in June of 2010. That’s just ridiculous. The beta was released in late April. If that release pace is repeated, we will have a 2012 final early next month…even more ridiculous.

+1 agree. Gooooooooood :-TU :-TU

i agree with you. they shouldnt be calling it 2012 unless its coming out in 2012.

comodo has a lot they are working on right now. CCE, CIS, CIS for mac and linux so i dont think they will be getting cis 6 out anytime soon. probably not till the end of this year. its only march and cis 5 came out in september. its been about 6 months. give it time

CIS6 , CIS2012 or other names about the next version of CIS is not very important! Higher protection and usability is the most important thing to users.

COMODO has made a great progess in CIS5. But Symantec, Kaspersky and other AV vendors are working ■■■■■■■ their products. PCTOOLS, Outpost and other companies have made a good progress on their Hips and AV.

CIS is the core product of COMODO desktop security software. It’s a competition race. COMODO can’t slow it’s pace!

comodo already has the protection tho. the went the better way in developing. they created a rock solid security suite and then are going to work on user friendliness along the way. everyone else went the other way userfriendliness first and now they are working on protection

+1 to Wiseyu for the ideas.

Maybe usability is the key to succeed on the future versions of CIS.