Idea for new CIS interface

Hi guys, I have an idea for a new CIS interface.

The image is:

Now lets see…

Imagne the CIS with a SUPER-clean interface, with light and cold colours, with new icons (clean and in the circle style), with the options menus separeted in columns but in the same frame. Try to imagine that but in the image I’ve posted.

Thats my felling about a new CIS interface. Something clean and light… but organized as hell! :smiley:

oh… sorry…

imagine that and imagine the new UPDATE DATABASE option in the SYSTRAY menu as well… :smiley:

This is not bad :slight_smile:

I like the idea, all options are easily accessible and the available space of the UI is creatively used at the same time.

Is hell well organized? ??? ??? ???


Now, following with the CIS interface idea… I would prefer a borderless UI concept.
The menu button area should not be define by lines, colors, backgrounds, etc.
They should be set just in the area where they are located, floating over the OS.
Something like this OS view or this one (look at the left menu), but obviously in a smaller scale.

More examples here and here.

BIG buttons, and less text.

And your suggestions about clean interface and colors… very good. :-TU

I wish COMODO vNXT would have UI that justifies the looks of METRO UI of windows 8 … obviously UI must be light at the same time…

i hope comodo never follows the Metro UI. i think its so ugly.

Looks good but how about a section for ads like geek buddy at the bottom that alternates between a news ticker showing the latest detections by it’s users and the quote of the day from Melih or snippets from his blog? I like the idea of some interactive options.

but not everyone I guess… including me… :smiley:

That hypothetical interface looks a lot like the current Avast GUI.

i kinda like the current one slightly more,
i like that it shows firewall defense+ and if installed the antivirus in the summary tab

but for some suggestion

maybe you can add the version on #2 either top or bottom since its only product and virus database version and #4 the message center??

put the network traffic bar graph in a bigger place maybe in #3

for the options i dont know what other things to add there besides update databse/product , diagnose, and the tabs


i think it looks more like AVG

And I think that Comodo already made its GUI choice for CIS 6…

I saw some where in this forum or malwaretips forums… I couldn’t find the link…
But from what i heard, comodo is thinking of using UI which was initially thought for CIS v4…

I think Languy once said that it is supposed to look like CCE GUI…

Kinda like Online Armor :wink:

bad idea
the current interface is better.

I dont think so.

The current interface try to be clean but misses with bad icons and dont use the blank spaces.