ID of comodo firewall... [Resolved]

Hello fellow comodo fw users! So far have been happy with comodo firewall experience, however I noticed something interesting…in the windows security area of my computer XP 2003 32bit, it identified the firewall as being R-firewall? Is that the installed “name” of comodo. According to the desktop icon all is working & well protected. Just curious. Thanks again for all of your work.


Comodo Rocks


R-Firewall ( is a totally different product from Comodo Firewall Pro.

Have you, or anyone else that uses your PC, previously tried R-Firewall?

What you are seeing may be a left over from a prior insatallation of R-Firewall and it hasn’t removed it’s info from the WMI repository.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

You can even use Ewen’s script, too! (Free of charge :D)

Thanks guys, I unzipped the file ran it & rebooted the puter & it took care of the problem!


Good job. I’ll close this thread. PM any mod should you decide to open it.