I'd like to use CTM in my office is that oK?

Please kindly let me know if I use CTM in my office or company that is legal or illegal?

Mate, have you been reading these forums? I would strongly recommend against using this software in a business environment.

CTM is currently too unstable and/or unpredictable.

It would probably be the biggest regret of your life!

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better use a backup tool with incrementeal backup.
i dont think any office pc is used to install programs or restore very often, so there is no reason to use any “system freeze” tool, making silenctly backups each day is enought.

@carfal dont need to be too paranoid, ctm only cause problems in some motherboards (pc)
so if ctm is installed correctly then it will be a very reliable program, but the user need to know how ctm works.

I don’t think so… I’m afraid it’s not stable.

kinemitor, I’m baffled as to what you mean by installed correctly?? ??? Are you saying that people in this forum are not installing “correctly”.

This is really infuriating. >:( The amount of systems that have been trashed by CTM is verging on the disgustingly obscene.

Considering the power of this technology (“borrowed” from somewhere else) one should click on install and the dam thing should install flawlessly because anything less results in a disaster. Recovery most of the time is impossible and if it is possible, you have to jump through hoops to get there.

NO. The failings of CTM has nothing to do with the user not “installing correctly”. Rather CTM developers have failed in their task of installing CTM (and uninstalling for that matter) in a proper and non destructive manner. I understand that initially they released this as beta but a final version became available way too soon. They realised their error and went back to beta but what’s fustrating and perplexing is that the same old problems keep resurfacing. eg. Insufficent space, password problems, not uninstalling correctly and so on and so on.

So am i paranoid? You bet ya!


It will only end in tears.

Deleting snapshots is NOT recovering all the space used by the snapshots… The free space keep decreasing drastically. Something IS wrong…

i dont mean “installed correctly” what i supposed to say is if the hard disk and others unknows requirement are meet then the program will work ok
but actually it seems like the requirements for this program are unknows
for example, tech says “deleting snapshot dont recover his space”
but that is not happening to me
if i delete a snapshot i recover the space relative to it snapshop
so in his computer and mine there must be a hardware in difference with make CTM to work
so “installed correctly” is not the correct word
so the CTM dev team must find what is making ctm to no work in some pcs but others

I have been testing out CTM for a couple weeks and find the program to be very reliable. I use have tested it in XP, Vista, and 7 with no issues at all. I see that some people are having issues installing and using the program as with any program there are millions of different scenarios for applications.

Takes sense in installing a program, disable any firewall, Antivirus, Malware as they will stop some installations.

Been in the IT Business for 16 years and after installing the program 20 different times on many machines, the program works like it should … I give it an APlus and would use it in a business environments. Some users just don’t get the function that everything doesn’t work out of the box so let’s bash it!

Stupid if you ask me.

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Better think twice about that. It’s not ready for prime time. I’d love for it to work, but it simply has too many problems. You have about a 50% chance of having serious problems if you do.

Read the threads and see the poll

Not scientific but still alarming.