I'd like to help! Volunteering to help start 'safe program' user database


Comodo, while an excellent firewall, tends to pop up too much and doesn’t seem to have an extensive ‘safe program’ list. Manually adding the rules every time is tedious, so I thought of an idea…

Why not have an optional pro-user driven database of safe and unsafe programs with descriptions of the programs in the database?

For example…

Alert: firefox.exe is trying to access the internet
User database threat rating:none
User database description:firefox.exe belongs to Mozilla Firefox, a web browser.

You could allow people to modify their personal databases, or opt out of it entirely (for coorperations who don’t want it) as well as pick and choose from a list of known programs.

Thanks for listening/reading! If anything’s vague, tell me and I’ll clarify! :slight_smile:

Hi Wolvenmoon,

The best thing you can do is “Submitt” your Pending Files to comodo after clicking on “Lookup” Comodo has it’s own team of experts who add items to the safelist after extensive file analysis and testing.

I being in the UK don’t work directly with the Comodo Team but I can pass your message onwards to them.


Thanks for that Wolvenmoon

Threatcast is just what you need.

With threatcast we will be able to build a community trusted apps list. we have the beta on it on the beta section…


I can’t find a way to get to the beta section, at least not in the time I have. Please toss me a link.

Annnnnnd I should go, the lightning strikes are getting closer. Heh heh, you should have a bomb emote.

Well… since you asked nicely (:LGH)

Link to the thread: https://forums.comodo.com/cfp_beta_corner/comodo_firewall_pro_3022327_beta_with_threatcast_released-t21079.0.html

Direct Download Link if you’re feeling brave! http://download.comodo.com/cfp/download/setups/beta/CFP_Setup_3.0.22.327_XP_Vista_x32.exe

Be aware this is only for Windows XP/Vista 32 bit editions.


What is to stop somebody adding malicious software to the list and so effectively circumnavigating the firewall?

I think I would rather put up with a nagging request, although I have to say that some kind of automated acceptance would be good for clients who in the main are very often little more than “dumb on a stick” and should not be allowed to use computers.

Comodo are adding more whitelisted files now. We even just created a thread for users to submit digitally signed Software Vendors URLS, So those companies will be added to the Trusted Vendors list by default in Comodo Internet Security.


very good question. There is a long process of how to get files into whitelist. Of course nothing is 100% when it comes to security but its a good enough process and improving constantly.


You can always do as me if you are paranoid and don’t care for one or two popups more. un-check the box “trust the applications digitally signed by Trusted Software Vendors”. :wink: :slight_smile: