ICS Problems again :(

Installed Comodo last night… great product!!! (:CLP) but…
I can’t get ICS to work. I have read all of the topics around ICS problems and I don’t think that I have the same problem. When I have just the “firewall” enabled, ICS work like a champion… but when I have the application bit enabled it doesn’t. When viewing the logs I see that it’s blocking svchost.exe (dhcp/dns/everything to do with it, even though I have set it up to allow all traffic to/from it in all zones/all ip/everywhere). Is there something that I’m missing? (or an I been stupid? (:TNG))

We are going to release an update today. Lets see if it works after this update.


Great, looking forward to the update.


I am a new user. My ICS was working perfectly before I installed Comodo. I have read through posts in the forum on ICS, and have tried the wizard, and making sure that the rules are set correctly. Now, both pcs can ping each other, but the client pc still cannot connect to the net.
Will continue to try to fix it on my own, but thought it couldn’t hurt to ask for help here.
Any advice is greatly appreciated.


This is normal. Just ADD your LAN to the Trusted Zone(and make sure the Rules are on the top list).
Security → Task → Wizards → Define a new Trusted Network.


Ta for your fast reply. If I may ask, why does the position of the rules matter? I believe they are at the time, since I have just run the wizard again, but am curious why the position matters?
I have tried the ICS client again, and after running the wizard again, it still cannot access the internet. : (
Thank you again for your reply.

The network monitor rules are read from Rule 0 downwards in order, until a request satisfies a rule or until a comprehensive block rule is reached.

This is why the all-encompassing block rule should always be last.

That way, only allowed traffic that meets a rules criteria is allowed out and everything else is trapped by the block rule.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Believe it or not,
A simple reinstall fixed it : ). Now ICS is, once again, working brilliantly.
Thank you for your help. So car. Comodo fw works really, really well.
Shall continue to lurk in the forums. Thank you.
New C User