ICS Problem: surfing only works with "Allow all for all applications"

I’m running a home network with english Vista x64 SP1 as gateway (COMODO on it) and german XP SP3 connected to it via lan (second LAN card on the PC) (XP standard firewall). The vista-pc is connected to internet via PPPoE (DSL modem).

There is a global rule allowing any traffic in the home-side LAN.

The strange thing: when i add an application rule to the firewall which tells it to allow all traffic from all applications everything works fine. But when I delete this rule - internet connection on the XP-laptop stops working (pings still go through LAN).

My COMODO is in Custom Policy mode. It DOES NOT show any blocked traffic when I try to browse from laptop. I’ve also tried to bring it into learning mode to surf a bit with it, but even in training mode the connection does not work. Setting allerts to very high didnt make comodo do any alerts while trying to surf too.

Need assistance, thanks to anyone :slight_smile:

Putting it into learning mode to surf around sounds inherently dangerous. You’re basically telling it that anything you encounter while surfing is safe.

I used it only for a minute to make the firewall learn not to block ICS… BUT: even so it did NOT work. Even in learning mode ICS is not working.