ICS Network Connection [Resolved]

How do I allow my entire network behind my Comodo Firewall out onto the Internet without disableing the Network montor please help

Welcome to the forum, Michael.

I removed your other thread because it was a duplicate. Please do not post multiple threads on the same question.

You must first define a Trusted Network in Security > Tasks > Wizards (bottom)

The rest are described in this thread: https://forums.comodo.com/help/can_someone_help_me_set_up_my_firewall_to_allow_ics_please_resolved-t10669.0.html

thankyou so much

may I ask is there a similar thread for doing the same task in vista
and using the beta version of the firewall?

sorry for poaching the thread… (:SAD)


Hi Mike1959, the CFP BETA Corner will be able to assist you with CFP beta questions.

Since Michael3245’s issue has been resolved, this thread has to close.