ICS and gaming, e.g. Counterstrike

hi to everyone!
i’m in trouble on properly setting up Comodo in order to play Steam games, like Counterstrike but i guess also other kind of games, with an Internet Connection Sharing.

the situation is:
PC1 - directly connected to the net (ADSL usb modem), LAN with PC2, comodo running and nothing more
PC2 - connected through LAN with PC1 as gateway, Comodo and a Steam game running

i’ve added to Comodo in both PCs the rules for counterstrike/halflife as described in this forum and in the portforward.com site, without getting them to work successfully

it seems like PC1 having some difficulties to recognise game data from PC2 as secure, and it keeps stopping it until it even freezes the whole connection: after the internal serverbrowser refreshes the list, i can’t enter to the games (every server go to +1000ms ping) neither switch to desktop to open any webpage in the browser.

actually, the only way to play from PC2 without annoyances is to shut down Comodo in both PCs but this really isnt an option…

after some recent update on Comodo, the problem keeps going even after closing the program by systray icon: now in addition i have to ctrl-alt-del to task manager and kill cmdservice.exe manually

any suggestion?