Icons Changed - Urgent

Many icons on the system have changed. They look like jpeg & when I try to open them I get photo viewer window with image invalid.

Any solutions plzz?

Currently I am running sfc /scannow

Win 7 64

Can you please post a screenshot of this behavior?

The prob is on my cousins system & I am with him on remote connection.

I cannot post screenshot as due to icon change things I am clicking gives image invalid.

Like IE, Paint, Google Chrome, etc… all are giving image invalid.

Sounds like the Windows icon cache has become corrupted… it happens. There’s a command line fix (which you can Google) or by using a tool… like Repair Icons. I picked this tool, because it just does this single fix.

I dont know what happened on his system. He said was just browsing laptop i.e checking his documents, photos, etc…

When returned to the desktop screen, all the icons looked like photos icons i.e .jpeg/jpg file type. Nothing opened after that. All the programs he tried opening mentioned image invalid. Only office & adobe reader were safe & all the others were changed & not working.

Checked the system for malware infection with HitmanPro, MBAM, CCE, KillSwitch, AutoRun but nothing found.

Dont know what happened or got changed. I think file type/extension got changed or corrupted but suddenly how?

Alas system restore worked through My Computer - Properties & things are back to normal.