Icon not showing on Windows 7

Hello mates, my first post here.

Yesterday, after the update to the new version, I noticed, like many people here, that the taskbar icon doesn’t appear anymore when booting the OS. But in my case, it cannot be an OS bug since I use Windows 7, and not Windows XP. Furthermore, I’m using Comodo Firewall for 5 years now, and this never happened before, not even on XP. The software is still running but I’m so used to see the icon there that I miss it.

Can anybody help me? Thanks in advance.

Try Right clicking the start orb and select properties->Choose Taskbar, then Notification Area->Customize. Is Comodo Internet Security Premium in the list? If so from the dropdown select “Show icon and notifications” and hit OK/Apply.

Try that first.


Hey Matt, thanks for your help.

It’s not that problem either, because, not only Comodo is in the list, but I also have the option “Always show all icons and notifications on the taskbar” checked.

Can you confirm with Task Manager that cfp.exe is running?

This happened to me after I updated; I just ignored it and opened it from my desk top.
Then, it started to appear in the task bar all by itself.

Problem solved.

Maybe that approach will work for you?

Yeah, it is.

Let’s see, I hope so. Well, thanks anyway. :slight_smile: