Icon not in systray [SELF-RESOLVED]

In the last couple of days when the computer is booted, there is no comodo shield in system tray.
Click the shortcut on the desk top and comodo opens and places the icon in system tray.I have updated) PcWizard 2008 a couple of days ago.).
Don’t know if this may be the problem or just a coincidence.

I am using windows xp Home SP3 all updates.
Windows defender, Avast Superantispyware (non resident)

Checked the forum, but could only find suggestions to changing items in the registry. I am nervous going in there cause i will almost certainly stuff it up (:SAD)


I decided to completely uninstall PCwizard 2008, rebooted and icon in system tray :BNC

Reinstalled PcWizard rebooted and icon in system tray.

So it looks like that was the problem.

So if the problem comes back i will re post.

Sorry if i have wasted anyone’s time.

Cheers :■■■■

Not a problem.

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