Icon Missing from System Tray!!!

Sometimes the icon is missing from the system tray so I can’t access comodo. I can’t access it thru the Short-cut either. Sometimes I wanted to open/access it to check for updates, etc. But I know its running because of the pop-ups. (:NRD)

I know it’s not a fix but have ou tried rebooting?

In the same vein, you can try a logoff/logon/


I had some issue with “missing icons” in systray a short time ago, CFP wasn’t installed, I was using another firewall (Jetico v2).

I did a lot of searching about this problem and it seems to be a Windows bug.

See this:

Online Poker And Real Money (missing icons)

it may help you.

Maybe this is not a CFP issue… :THNK

I’m having the same problem. The taskbar icon shows up when it feels like it and when it doesn’t there is no way to access comodo even by the shortcut on my desktop. Also I’ve noticed another icon issue. I have Mcafee installed and sometimes it turns it’s icon in the taskbar into a black box which is obviously not the correct way the icon is supposed to look. Anyway I just hope they fix this in the next version.

Yup! After I found out that the icon was missing from the system tray I rebooted and it was back. But it was very time consuming rebooting every time it happened. (:AGY)


Had same problem, the link above for the new test build should fix it. Worked for me ;D Drop in a request… :wink:


Thanks for your suggestions guys… :BNC