Icon in SysTray Displays

In the past, Comodo firewall had a page where uses could view the different views of the icon and the meanings of each displayed view. I can’t seem to find it anymore. Main reason for this is that while on most of my computers, icon displays (and changes properly), are correct, on 2 other computers, with a fresh install of CFW,the icon in SysTray Is red circle with black exclamation mark on lower right of circle. Also, After each boot up, I must right click it and set shields to run. Really need some explanation for this please. BTW-am not a newbie, have used Comodo since it started, and have a computer repair business. Thanks for any help.

Hi tosim, i hear you, i was looking for the same images for a while and couldn`t find them 88)
Turns out they are now hard coded into cfp.dll (picture below with hopefully the right icon)

Obviously something is not right with these installs could you check if cmdagent.exe is running before you set the shields to run (under all users in task manager). Maybe try the diagnostics to see if it finds any problems!
Only other thing i can think is were these computers using previous versions of Comodo? Maybe uninstall then have a nosy a this topic Comodo Forum as there could be remnants from an old install somewhere.
Clutching at straws really, maybe someone else has a better idea…


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Thank you for the (quick) reply. Prior to my above post, I read through the other icon related posts, CIS deletion, etc., and read the one you sent the link to. It appears that his batch file is not yet fully corrected. I used Revo Uninstaller Pro to remove CIS each time, and checked the registry. (Very likely, I might have mnissed some.) BTW, cmdagent.exe was not running when I did the clean installs. Am still somewhat at a loss. Thanks again.