Icon in quick launch toolbar

Hello, I just installed CIS on both my Dell laptops one is a 1521 and other is a 1525. I am really impressed with the full compliment of the product and know my pc’s are safe. One concern I’ve seen several times lately on my 1525 is that when it boots up the CIS icon may or sometimes may not appear in my quick launch toolbar. When I open the task manager it shows CIS is running but the lack of the icon scares me. Is it fully functioning so I always open the CIS GUI window and just close it then the icon is there. Do I need to worry about that?


You are sadly among the few that have this problem. Have a look at this post https://forums.comodo.com/install-setup-configuration-help-cis/starts-up-open-with-no-tray-icon-t69792.0.html the 2 last replies may help you solve the problem.

Icons of programs not always showing up in the systray is a known XP problem. Read more about it here: How To: Fix Missing System Tray Icons at Windows XP startup .

Okay I think it is fixed now. I use WinPatrol and it has a delay startup manager. I set CIS to start first and strung out other programs startup priority.
I Love CIS !
Thanks All!