Icon for CAVS disappears in the toolbar

Just wondering if it is normal for the CAV icon in the toolbar to disappear while you are actively surfing the net. The toolbar icon is set for “hide when inactive” so when it disappears it just makes me wonder if it is doing its job. If I set the toolbar icon to “always show” it will show up, but I think that kind of defeats the purpose. If I click on the icon thats on the desktop it says everything is working.

:THNK Some added info… CAVS updates everyday when I turn on the computer so it looks like its working but after the update the CAVS icon in the toolbar eventually disappears.

Does it mean anything? Does this occur with anyone else or is it just me?

Welcome to the forums, sojo ~

If I understand correctly, the systray icon for CAVS is being hidden due to inactivity, and you’re concerned if this means the AV isn’t working? Or is the icon completely gone?


Thanks for the welcome. :slight_smile:

Yes the concern is that it is hidden due to inactivity. I guess I’m under the impression that a anti-virus program would always active while you are connected. I know when I used AVG the icon was always there so I guess I’m expecting the same thing. Am I under the wrong presumption?

CAVS doesn’t have any sort of so-called “web shield” to “filter” your online activity. Its On-Access scanner monitors activity only on the computer itself; it’s not interfaced with your browser as such. Don’t think AVG does, either, but I could be mistaken. Some AVs do have a web-filter aspect to them, which could cause more usage of CPU.

I wouldn’t be too concerned about the icon disappearing only for inactivity. They come in and out from time to time, depending on how Windows monitors the systray; some of it may be due to a maximum # of icons to display, too.