Icon doesnt show up

My CFP icon doesn’t always show in my taskbar, or it takes a realy long time to show up.How do I know if the firewall is working.
Thanks for any help

Hi Marbear & Welcome to the forums.

Just to clarify this is not a Firewall. It is protection for Buffer Overflow Attacks.

Make sure you are using the latest version. Uninstall then re install the software. What other Security applications do you have installed?


Am using a Compaq presario 512 MB, AVG antivirus, Super Antispyware.adaware,Spybot,Spyware blaster,Ccleaner

Of course the Comodo Firewall.

Comodo is always the last icon to load. You can speed up your boot up process by eliminating any unessary start up items. Go to run and type “msconfig”. Click the start up tab. What is set to auto start? How many tray icons do you have by the Windows clock?