Icon doesn't appear in the system tray

Hi folks, I’ve been using the Comodo Firewall for quite a while and love it (R). So I decided to install BoClean, downloaded it and installed it, rebooted and no icon appeared on the system tray. Hence I can’t see the control panel, let alone use it…
Uninstalled the program ( I’ve checked…only one copy is running) and still no Icon on the system tray…
Actually it doesn’t want to run either.
Can someone please help. I looked everywhere in the forum but didn’t find a fix for this particular situation.



I share your fear, sil, having just scraped the assassin-ware CAV1.1 off a computer of mine and instaleld Vn 2. I’m getting IE hanging and apps failing to start - and five or six icons failing to appear in the system tray/notification area.
Indeed the applets haven’t autostarted with XPp.

At the moment IE6 is sitting there blank trying to bring up www.comodo.com I’m afraid, very afraid…

I’m reaching for my black judges cap ready to pronounce a death sentence on Comodo. Dead duck brand, I’m predicting…

silcarry, did you disable your other security programs before running the BOC install? if not, maybe one of them interfered with the install… spybot’s “teatimer” is notorious for interering with the install of other programs…

hi silcarry, welcome (:HUG)
is your CBOClean not running (task manager=>proccess=> BOC425.exe) or just missing the icon? i’ve read somewhere in this forum that the icon issue can occurs if user impatiently use his computer before the rebooting proccess completely done.


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Having used the Firewall for quite some time, I decided to give BOClean a go. Unfortunately I have exactly the same problem, the tray icon just isn’t showing up. Running in XP Pro SP2, and both BOCore. exe and BOC425.exe are running in the task manager… I just don’t have any access to them! Is this a common problem?



hi Phaeton, welcome (:HUG)

maybe you could try restarting your computer and wait until the systray icon appear.

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Did you read this topic ??? ( The forum has a search function :wink: )


I hope it will help you as well :slight_smile:

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