Icon disappears

Every couple of weeks the icon in the notifications tray disappears. I cannot get it to come back.
So i have do a uninstall/reinstall. I have to uninstall in safe mode because it doesn’t uninstall clean
in normal mode. Any ideas. Thanks

It’s the first time I hear about such a thing. Have you tried installing also in safe mode? Also perform a full scan for malware with other programs.

I tried to install in safe mode . Everthing seemed to install except for the tray icon. So i had to uninstall and reinstall in normal mode.

I doubt this is a CBOClean installation problem :-\

Maybe this article can help you :


Greetz, Red,

Thanks Red
I’ll check it out.

I rid the notification tray of Past items. We will see what happens
Japo- no malware

From the link Red posted, i tried hiding UPnP devices and that seems to have done the trick.
All icons are showing in the notifications tray.It also shortened the time my system took to
fully open. Thanks

Hi m8 :slight_smile:

Thnx for the feedback :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.