Icon Behaviour (CFW v5.5)

I am a newbie and maybe I am missing something (I search this forum but could not find a relevant answer).

I disabled Firewall for testing services and forgot to turn it back on again. Then I realized that the Tray Icon does not indicate when the firewall is disabled. Is there a way to make the icon show different staes of operation?

Thanks in advance !

Hi mh505,

Welcome to the forum.

There is for the time being no option enabling a change in the tray icon to show that CIS or one of its component is disabled.


There is a long standing topic in the Wishlist - CIS board that you can add your support to called A Timer or Warning, Please! .

Thanks, Boris & Eric. I will certainly go to the wishlist and vote !

BTW: does the same hold true for the pay version (CIS 2011)?


The free and paid versions are the exactly same program. The only difference between the free and paid versions are in the extra services you buy with the paid versions.

No sense in spending the money then … :slight_smile:

I also learned that the full version demands to uninstall Avira which is not acceptable as I would not want to exchange Avira for Comodo Antivirus.