IcoFX's 'library.dll' is being falsely flagged as a trojan by Comodo firewall


I just had my Comodo firewall do a system-wide scan for malware, and it (falsely) flagged IcoFX’s “library.dll” as a trojan. (IcoFX software can be found here: [b]http://icofx.ro/[/b])

Comodo firewall (incorrectly) identifies this file as a trojan: TrojWare.Win32.TrojanClicker.VB.BLP(ID=0x9fbc0)

I contacted the vendor, and they responeded that it was a “false positive.” Here is their explanation:

This is a false positive.
Actually library.dll is an empty dll file. It is used a a template for creating icon libraries. When you create an iconlibrary library.dll is copied and your icons are added to it.
It has a size of 528 bytes, it contains a header only. Probably because it is empty it is suspect to your fiewall.
You can ignore this message.

Please update Comodo’s signature files to correct this problem.

Thank you.


Hello Teletype, Please read this link - And thank you for your time.


Hello Kyle,

Thank you. I sent the files according to the instructions in the link.



You’re most welcome. (:HUG)
Thank you for reporting this