Hi all,
Just installed CPF after using ZApro and it’s been great so far :slight_smile:
Have a question about control rules and stuff,
My log is showing lots of ICMP messages such as port unreachable, destination unreachable, etc; in the network control rules, should these be allowed or blocked? and which ones - in or out? (i have azureus open, are these messages necessary for it to work?)


For azureus follow this guide

Thanks, I followed the guide initially when setting up CPF; just wanted confirm specifically about the icmp messages - so it’s ok that incoming icmp packets are blocked? (does it mean that my computer can’t reach the other comp or is it the other way around)

in case you want to know, currently my network rules are
0: allow | tcp/udp in | source:any | remote:any | source port:any, remote port:azureus port
1: allow&log | icmp out
2: allow | ip out
3: block&log | ip in

Yes it’s ok. No need to worry about that.

It means that the others can’t ping your pc. (:WIN)

If you are, let’s say, updating server-list in CounterStrike, don’t you have to allow ping’s?