I use to have a router set up but I’ve not removed it and have my modem linked straight to my PC via an ethernet cable. No file sharing, its a stand alone system. I’m running windows 7.

The picture below shows connections going to a connection which is no longer active because the router is now out. How can I reset my or remove the attemps LAC is making to connect to that address?

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Hello Thierry;

If you go to CIS > Firewall > Stealth Port Wizard > Block All Incoming Connections (Stealth for everyone) > Ok
CIS > Firewall > Network Security Policy > svchost.exe (Whats the policy that is being applied)
As well as System?


stealth ports from everyone was active already mate, as for rules;


& there is no svchost rule in firewall rules but D+ has it down under windows system apps policy

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this seems to be safe but it doesn’t mean that it is safe (I looked it up at ipvoid.com) and it belongs to this cache1.service.virginmedia.net

this exe should not ask for internet connection of what I understand.

This is one way to block ip addresses: CIS —> Firewall —> Network Security Policy —> Blocked Zones —> Add —> A new blocked address.

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Valentin N

oh, I thought it was something that was hanging around from my router set up. thank you both :-TU

I’ve got one more question, not sure if this is possible though. I added the following rule;

now this isn’t a big issue but although I need this rule for my connection (Virgin Media), is there any way of me adding something so the connection doesn’t stay in active connections? I’d rather it be invisible as it most days but it comes back now and then, it doesn’t cause a problem to my connection if I terminate the connection as the rule above keeps my system/modem connected and communicating with Virgin Media.