ICMP ask in log but no rules for ask?

Not sure if my problem is related to this showing in logs but since it shows shortly before, during or after I lose my connection I think it may be related.

I have randomly lost my connection the last few days and the only way to get it back is unplugging the connection, unplugging the router and restarting the entire system. Just resetting the router doesn’t work, if I do just that my router settings when checked all come back with zero’s indicating it’s not picking up DNS I assume. If I check ipconfig /all on the computer everything is as it should be but still no conenction. Repair all doesn’t fix it either.

What shows in the log is WOS with an ICMP with source (my router address) to destination (my computer address) with ASK in the action and codes type 3, code 3. I’ve gone through global and app rules and I have nothing set with an ASK in it.

In global rules I have the allow all IP in and out (done seperately) for the home zone and the loopback zone at the top, a few others in between then the block and log ICMP from IP any to IP any ECHO request just before the block and log all other rules.

In App rules (I have many as I use many apps - desktop publishing etc) I have under Win system apps a rule to allow ICMP and out when message is port unreachable put in place to allow proper functioning of bittorrent. I have this rule also under bittorrent app.

Under system I have allow all IP in/out (seperated again) when target and sender is in home zone.

So unless I am not understanding how it all works and that is a distinct possibility ;D then I already have rules in place that should prevent this ASK action from asking, showing or logging since it is my router telling my computer that a port is unreachable? I am concerned because it could also be an indication that an app (not known to me) is asking by ICMP to go out and the router is asking the firewall if it is ok? I read through pages and pages of search pages returned in the forums before posting here - if the answer was in any of them it was above my comprehension.

If anyone can explain this to me I’s greatly appreciate it. I have never ran a firewall other than win xp before, until installing Comodo V3 Pro a couple weeks ago. And with the help of all the great folks and their tips here, I had it working fairly decent right away, including some tweaks to bittorrent. Looking forward to any replies to this message - thanks!

CFP3 will ask when you don’t have a block or log rule for a packet-you don’t need an ask rule. Your router is indeed sending you an incoming message telling you that a port was unreachable. Have you tried allowing the message in WOS, since that is the application it is directed to? Can you post your rules here? It is hard to follow from a narrative exactly what you are saying. Also the error messages. You can usually export them as html and then upload them here. Sounds like DHCP is being blocked, from your description, but can’t tell why. IPconfig is saying the connection between the router and the internet is OK. Does your router say it has a WAN IP when your connection drops?

Thanks for your help, I need to wait and see if it reoccurs again. It hasn’t shown up in the logs for a couple days, and I hadn’t lost the connection during that time either. I just got rid of the old netgear router I think was causing problems, and installed a new Linksys. I’ll check back if it happens again though and post what you requested. Appreciate your help, thanks!