ICMP Application rules?


Can you say if will be possible to add the protocol ICMP, restricting an application to ICMP only, to the Application rules?

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Why the Comodo Team doesn’t reply to this!? :frowning:

Sorry no one’s replied to your post.

I understand that you want an Application rule to have the ability to set ICMP traffic for an App, but could you explain a little more about what you’re trying to do? At present, I think the App Monitor only allows for TCP or UDP, specifically, unlike the Network Monitor.


Because I want to define one application, “spf.exe” from cFosSpeed, to use only ICMP instead of give it full internet access…

CFP 2.4.10 has removed support for other Protocol like ICMP/RAWIP per application. IMHO spf.exe in 2.4.10 doesn’t gets full internet access, it just use ICMP Ping, and not creat application allow rule in Application Monitor(TCP/UDP).

4) Removed non-TCP/UDP application popups until version 3.0

I don’t have a rule for it…

But thanks to remind me about the removed feature until v3.0… :wink:

SPF.exe is part of CfosSpeed, and not referring to Sygate firewall?

I’m referring to cFosSpeed.

Just wondering - I searched on it to find out more about the function of the file, but the only returns were for Sygate’s main firewall executable. I also found (as a side point) that cFosSpeed is supposed to have a built-in firewall… not sure what that is, exactly.

Anyway, I use both and and neither have settings for App Rules other than TCP or UDP.

As part of its traffic shaping, does it filter through specific ports, or allow you to do that? Perhaps you could create a rule in the Network Monitor with a specific port, and an App Rule for spf.exe to use only that remote port…


I never used its firewall, but it is not configurable… I only see a checkbox to enable/disable it…

You can take a look about its features here: http://www.cfos.de/speed/features_e.htm

Yeah, that’s where I found it had a firewall. ;D Figured it probably wasn’t too detailed, but you never know…


Hi VC!

The program u mean is SPD.exe, not SPF.exe - that’s the CfosSpeed-executable.

The solution for your problem may be in this thread: https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,2784.0.html

Anyway - important to understand is the fact, that SPD.exe is using ICMP only for choosing the correct speed-shaping algorithm. Thus, allowing only ICMP-traffic would result in a nonfunctional speed-shaper. What’s the use of this? Hmm…

Oh, not to forget the most important thing: Speed-shaping is done BEFORE the traffic passes the firewall. Try to forbid the traffic for SPD.exe and watch the spaingsymbol in the Liquid-skin, for example - in case u don’t believe me. :wink:

You are right, I made confusion…