ICMP and GRC Fixed?

Maybe this can help others with the ICMP and GRC issue(s). I too was passing all GRC Firewall tests except for ICMP after a clean install of CPF from v2.2.0.11. I tried every rule combo in the book and still couldn’t pass GRC or Sygate FireWall ICMP tests.

The first uninstall/update I wiped every trace of CPF for my XP SP2 Home Box including a manual registry scouring. I recieved warnings to shut down TCPview and SPYBOT Resident while uninstalling which I heeded to. All to no avail. CPF v2.3.4.45 was not passing the GRC or Sygate ICMP testing. So I reinstalled CPF for a day until I had a chance to try one more time.

The second go around I shut down all unnecessary appz and processes, uninstalled and installed “without” cleaning the box. It passed all GRC and Sygate tests with out of the box configs. Knock On Wood.