icedragon wants to connect to an Amazon site. Why?

This is for Comodo IceDragon, under win 7 sp1 64bit.

After sitting idle for perhaps 24 hours, with no url being displayed, icedragon spontaneously decides it wants to connect to an address controlled by Amazon, the latest of which is Why?

I have all updating turned off, yet this persists.

There is no add-on installed that has anything to do with Amazon.


PS: are you still offering/supporting icedragon?

Do you have extensions installed that could account for this behaviour?

I don’t think so, as I said in the post, “There is no add-on installed that has anything to do with Amazon.”

However, I do have the following add-ons installed, and I have not tried running it with add-ons disabled:

nvidia 3d vision (installed relative to my video adapter).
shockwave flash
shockwave for Director (hmm, I’m not sure what that is)

close all tabs reloaded
disable clipboard manipulations
downthemall anticontainer
dragand drop
noscript (and scripts are all off except for some banks)
secure login (comodo product)
show my password
tab mix plus

I note that I have all these and more installed with firefox, and firefox does not exhibit that behavior. (ff 27.0.1)

I am using comodo dns (malware domain filtering) with this browser, so it is possible that some dns thing actually lives on an Amazon cloud server, and when it wants to randomly refresh some dns thing, it goes there.

Hi pbfoo,
This address appears to be related to who happen to be the creators of ‘DoNotTrackMe’.
Please try with the "DoNotTrackMe’ add-on disabled.

Thank you.


Can you tell me for future reference, if it takes only a few words, how you determined that?

You are welcome,
It originally showed as hosted by amazon in the link below, but it is now showing an error.
Find IP Address Of Your Website, Server or Domain: Site24x7 Tools

It still shows as in the links below.

Kind regards.

Interesting, thanks. The whois that I used only showed it as Amazon.