Icedragon not saving passwords new install, XP sp3, Avast

There is a thread on one of the forums discussing this issue BUT apparently it was because “always use private mode” was selected.

That is NOT the case here.

I have checked through with searches everything here and on the internet, have done everything, and still there is no saving. What IS there is a list of sites that will NOT be saved. Apparently those were imported from Firefox during Icedragon installation, along with my bookmarks. Bookmarks DID get imported successfully, but no passwords. :frowning:

All the “help” pages tell is how to set it up, which does not work!!!

Please note there are two parts to this:
–Passwords from FF did not arrive
–Passwords are not saved when I visit a site even though the popup asks if it should be saved.

I did a Sync and still the “Saved Passwords” box is entirely empty. new IceDragon install, XP sp3

I have the same issue. Did you ever resolve this?

Hi guys! Thank you for the feedback.

Unfortunately is a very old version that is only kept for the XP support. Newer versions of IceDragon are not compatible with XP and we will not update that version.

[i]Thank you very much,


Comodo obviously does not care about the multitude of people still using XP - - Firefox still has a version for XP AND IT DOES SAVE PASSWORDS. Guess my only answer is to return to using Firefox and remove Comodo from my computers.