Icedragon Not Loading?

Can someone please help me? Two days ago my icedragon closed and will NOT open back up. I have reset my computer, uninstalled, re-installed, & upgraded the icedragon, and nothing works. I have a lot of important pages saved to my bookmarks, and now I am going to lose them.

Can someone help?

Hi Willow1622a,
This sounds like a possible corrupt IceDragon user profile.

I am presuming you are running Vista or Win 7.
I am also presuming you have only one user profile in IceDragon.

  1. Go to your start menu and in the run box type %APPDATA%\Comodo\IceDragon\Profiles and enter.
    This should take you to your IceDragon default profile, within that profile find the file places.sqlite copy/paste this file somewhere safe.
    Note: As an added precaution for your bookmarks in case the places.sqlite file is damaged you could copy/paste the bookmarkbackups folder to a safe location also.
  2. Now uninstall IceDragon selecting remove user profile during uninstall (Note this will remove all preferences and add-ons).
  3. Now re-install IceDragon and open/close.
  4. Now copy/paste selecting replace the previously saved places.sqlite file into the new default profile (Follow step 1 to locate the new profile).

Tip: If the above works, I suggest exporting your bookmarks to a HTML file in case it is ever needed in the future.

Edit: I do hope that didn’t already remove the user profile in one of your previous uninstalls/reinstall attempts.

Yep, that did real good. I now have no bookmarks, (important ones), no nothing… And I STILL have to reset my computer every time just to get it to load for about 5 minutes or less --IF it decides to load at all… I really liked Icedragon because it didnt load 9 thousand copies like regular Comodo does, and worked faster and less choppy. But forget this ■■■■. IE works better and that is ■■■■ too.

Hi Willow1622a,
I am sorry to hear that you are having issues, but in your opening post you stated the IceDragon will not re-open which would also mean your bookmarks are not accessible via IceDragon.
All I have done is posted the best way I see for possibly saving your bookmarks from a dead browser.
If the browser was opening as it sounds like it is now, you could have exported the bookmarks to a HTML file for safe keeping.
If the browser is working at all you can return the places.sqlite to your user profile to retrieve the bookmarks.

If you have saved the places.sqlite this would even work in the Portable IceDragon even if it was just to save your bookmarks.
That file may even work OK to save your bookmarks in other Mozilla based browsers like Firefox, I have not tried this myself.

Kind regards.