icedragon not blocking pop ups

i already have the block pop ups box checked and still getting pop ups from the malware likes of adnxs for things like a install flash hd scam

this is simply not blocking pop ups at all

all i did to get it was surfing the internet and suddenly it comes - never know from what site they will push it from

using comodo internet security and icedragon fully updated on both with windows 8 64 bit

i update all daily

What additions are you have in IceDragon?
Do you have any Adblock Plus?

Hi jamieg25,
Please check to make sure you have no additional unknown add-ons.

I would also consider checking the system for malware.
Moderator Chiron has kindly created a good informative article below to assist with checking the system for Malware (Infection).
How to Know If Your Computer Is Infected

Kind regards.