Icedragon keeps crashing

… even while doing something simple such as scrolling. SEVERAL TIMES A DAY!!!

I switched to Icedragon on recommendation because Firefox was getting too unstable.

Is there a browser in the world that doesn’t have major problems? You’d think with all the programmers and gurus out there, that should be a piece of cake. But they keep getting worse and worse every year and especially after every “update” which is usually a downgrade in reality.

Using on XP. And NO, I will NOT “upgrade” either OS or browser. That is when the nightmare started, has been going on for about two months now, ever since I “upgraded” from an earlier version of ID !!!

And yes, had disabled Hardware Acceleration long ago.

I have 7 on my laptop and hate it. Can’t get any speed, have to wait forever for that little circle to stop, FF crashes too often. I am a researcher and need SPEED, not sitting watching endless circles or restarting ID.


Hi new2icedragon

May I ask why you are still running Windows XP? Is it due to the age of your hardware or maybe software that isn’t fully compatible with Windows 7? To be fair, I don’t think much software will be tested against XP now as this OS isn’t supported any more. Unfortunately, if your hardware is old and software always requires updating, your system will become slower and slower over time and become more problematic.

I would class my hardware as old (1.8GHz dual core, 4GB ram) against modern computers but it still performs fairly well and I don’t see any issue with the popular browsers. It’s a shame XP isn’t supported any more as I personally prefer it over 7 and don’t even mention 8 or 10. I hope you resolve your issues.


I think if you read my comment above you will see why I’m running XP. Do have 7 on the laptop, and hate it. FF is always crashing anyway, I have near zero productivity with 7. 8 is a mess and will NOT go to 10 because of the additional spyware. Every new system forced upon us means another few months of steep learning curve, simply just to find out where things are to tweak or fix them. My next steep learning curve will be another whole system entirely, away from MS.

Hi new2icedragon,
Does this still happen in CIDs safe mode?
Hold the ‘shift key’ while opening IceDragon and the safe mode option will appear.


How could I work in Safe Mode? For how long? Then what? I don’t have the time to check each extension until it crashes, then check with 2 running to see if THAT combo crashes. Do you realize how many combos there are mathematically that way? I could spend a week doing that one by one and be no better off and not have done a lick of work in the meantime.

So many times it gives me a completely blank screen, I wait, and wait. Then it goes back to where I’m working. Then again. Over and over. Finally I get frustrated and hit the Task Bar, restart.

Sometimes have to restart every 45 minutes! That’s a 10 min block that’s non-productive.

I went to Icedragon on recommendation because FF kept crashing! ID is WORSE!

I don’t want to change the oil on my car every time I get in to drive. I want a browser that WORKS! Without tinkering!

The eating of memory that is a HUGE problem with FF is NO BETTER WITH ID!!!

I need to WORK, get my JOBS DONE! Time is of the essence!

Windows 7 on a laptop is for dilettantes! Not for hardcore researchers like me. That has FF and keeps crashing TOO!!! I give up!

I have the same problem, disabling all add-ons doesn’t help and in “Safe Mode” CID crashes also.
Maybe it is the combination with Windows 10, because Windows 10 is often slow and busy in the background (updating??)