IceDragon - Flash Freeze

Flash video (for example YouTube) causes IceDragon ( to freeze when Comodo Internet Security (6.0.260739.2674) HIPS setting is set to Paranoid or Safe mode in Windows 8 x64.

I reported this bug already.
They have fixed according to what i have heard and the three other bugs i reported are fixed.
There is definitely going to be a new release of cis 6. as far as the time frame i have no idea just be patient.

I am glad that the issue has been reported and has been corrected.
I doubt that this detail matters now but this bug" is also appearing in CIS 5.12 on windows 8 x64 as well
So not just limited to CIS 6.0
I stopped using CIS 6.1 because the purge feature under the hips rules section does not work on any of the 4 laptops that we have.
Went back to CIS 5.12 until that issue gets resolved.
All in all just wanted you to know that this is problem on 5.12 as well as 6.0