Icedragon download of is actually

Clicking the FREE DOWNLOAD button on downloads the installer and prompts me to downgrade from as per my screenshot. What’s going on?

The Comodo web site is unfortunately not up to date. :-\

Please download the latest version from:Comodo IceDragon released. The stickied release topic of the forum always links to the latest version.

Wow thanks 88)

This problem reported half year ago :-TD


It puzzles me how the site can be up to date then go out of date. Never heard of that before. Pretty ■■■■ unprofessional if you ask me.

Getchyer Ice Dragon! Getchyer Ice Dragon! Getchyer Ice Dragon! Install ALL about it! Install ALL about it!

Yeah, the other site burned me too once or twice. I go here and there’s no prollem ever:

Here the Ice dragon presents a small problem, potentiated by the configurations of a “no sense” :stuck_out_tongue: >:-D