IceDragon doesn't start virtual mode

Hi! I downloaded Comodo IceDragon but when I check “start virtual mode” it restart the browser in NON virtual mode. I searched at comodo defence+ at my computer and I see that IceDragon is been in “blocked penetrations” and run in sandbox fully virtualized. What should I do? Sorry for my spelling mistakes, I run comodo in greek. Thank you.

Hi and welcome greece,
Your spelling is fine. :-TU
Regarding the virtual mode failure issue try resetting the sandbox in case corruption has occurred to the VTRoot folder.
Note: All data that is stored in the sandbox only, will be removed.

Regarding blocked intrusions being logged for a sandboxed browser, this is normal behaviour.

Kind regards.

Thank you for your reply! I did the sandbox resetting, but virtual IceDragon didn’t manage to run. It’s doing the same, and during this the sandbox was off. I click on virtual and it restart on the same IceDragon. Could I try something else?

Best wishes

Hi greece,
I am just wondering how you can tell it is not virtualized after restart?


Hi captainsticks,
I just don’t see any “virtual mode” in the title bar of the broswer, the button at the right (on IceDragon) “start virtual mode” didn’t change to “start normal mode” and note that the file I see on defence+ area have the time of my “virtual mode” click.
Thank you

Hi greece,
The ‘Start Virtual Mode’ button not changing to a ‘Start Normal Mode’ button when virtualized is being treated as a bug and looked into at this moment.

To see if virtual mode is in fact starting select ‘Show highlight frame for virtualized programs’ in your sandbox settings, this will then show a green border for virtualized programs.
Configure the Sandbox

Kind regards.

Hi captainsticks,
Thank for your help. I will try this in the next days and write back again. (My pc infected by some virus.)