IceDragon doesn't start after update

Hi, after last automatic update (today), I proceeded with restarting Comodo Icedragon.
On restart, I got a request to update the Italian Add-on, done that and Comodo Ice Dragon does not start.
All I get is the following error:

Errore interpretazione XML: entità non definita Indirizzo: chrome://browser/content/browser.xul Riga numero 2746, colonna 9: <toolbarbutton id="touch-mode-button" class="toolbarbutton-1 chromeclass-toolbar-additional" --------^

My system configuration:
OS Windows 10 Pro x64
CPU 2x Xeon E5-2670
RAM 64 Gb
Comodo Internet Security Suite 10

EDIT: IceDragon does start in safe mode.

Hi AlanCarter,

Please perform the following steps to bypass the IceDragon start-up problem:

  • launch IceDragon is safe mode;
  • go to about:config and click on “I accept the risk!” button;
  • search for general.useragent.locale;
  • right click on it and click “Reset”;
  • restart the browser in normal mode.

The browser will start using the English language, you will have to manually switch back to Italian.

Thank you.

thanks, smooth!