IceDragon does not import from firefox (default browser)

  1. IceDragon does not import anything from firefox (default browser).

  2. IceDragon must can import from firefox addon.

upon both~ bug or wish?

IE,Opera,Chrome,Firefox …

Do you think which user transfer to Icedraong?

There should be no problem to transfer, the first barrier is not happen. :wink:

Its a wonderful browser. Is it dead? Why does this stop at v22 of firefox.

I have a strange problem after installing this. I had firefox before installing comodo icedragon. I have several addons installed on firefox. Once I installed comodo ice dragon I got a error message saying there is a problem and asked me to contact the computer manufacturer. I then went in to the safe mode and forutunately I could log in to that. I uninstalled comodo icedragon and then boot as normal mode. Now all the firefox addons are gone and it is afresh. I then installed all the addons and bookmarks to firefox one by one.
BTW, I also use comodo dragon as my main browser and it is fantastic.

Icedragon is lagging behind from firefox. Other than creating problems with my already installed firefox it worked well. But since this causing problem with an already installed program I uninstalled it.

Most of the questions on comodo icedragon did not answered in this forum for a long time.
Another request. what prevents you from putting the version number of each software on the comodo website. There is no mention of version number for any of comodo product.