IceDragon contains malware?

CID just upgraded itself to v47.0.0.1 but I am unable to start it because my PC is protected by HitmanPro Alert which intercepts the new version for having malicious code. A screenshot is attached.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Hi 7Leagues,
It needs to be submitted to Hitman Pro as a False Positive.


The software itself doesn’t seem to have any option for submission of false positives so I sent your link to their support department. Thanks for the rapid response CS. :slight_smile:

IF there was a smidgen of malware in the latest release - v47.0.0.2 - my totally paranoid confingered CIS v5.12 would be going Gonzo. :o >:-D :P0l

Its not. 8)

This is an alert from exploit mitigation from Hitman Pro Alert. Techncially speaking this is a programming error found in CID. It should be filed as a bug report for CID following How to Submit Bug Reports.

Thank you 7Leagues. :-TU
I have also let CID Developers know of this issue.

WxMan1 and Eric,
Thanks for the added input and extra information. :-TU

I note the release of v47.0.0.2 and am pleased to report that HitmanPro Alert now permits CID to launch.
Thanks for the assistance guys! :slight_smile:

You are welcome, it is good to hear that it was quickly fixed. :-TU

I spoke too soon. It is doing it again.