IceDragon can´t download with downthem all

Hello everyone

I have a computer with windows 7 home basic x64 :-TU

Some days ago, I installed Comodo IceDragon because I like comodo and firefox :3

I installed some complements and all of them work fine but not DownThemAlll.

When I want to download something using it, it starts and can identify the type and name of the file but it doesn´t start downloading it. It remains with 0% and the bar remains striped.

I don´t know if its only on my computer or if IceDragon is not compatible with this complement. If you need more information ask me.

Sorry if my english it´s bad. (:WAV)

Welcome to the forum.

Seems to work ok for me, perhaps it’s a conflict with another addon?

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Everything works well. :-TU

windows 7 home basic x32

Hello Radaghast and jenny66

I disabled the rest of the addons and It works now.

The problem was the addon DownThemAll! AntiContainer.

I removed and now I can download. Thanks a lot.

I would like if this addon has a problem running with IceDragon or just in my computer. I have it on a netbook with firefox and it works fine.

Anyways, I think my problem its solved.