IceDragon button is missing

Running Version on 32 bit Windows XP
On-line Help menu starts each action thusly:

Click the IceDragon button at the top left corner of the browser: (insert big blue IceDragon icon here)

But there is no IceDragon button at the top left corner of my browser!
(I have found solutions to most of my issues through the Bookmarks or History or Tools menus)
So is the problem with my display option, my install, or with the On-line Help data?

Thanks from a n00b! :-[

Welcome IceFlea.
There are no problems. CID 25 portable.
What theme are you using?
Try the default theme CID.
If you can show a screenshot.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Hi jenny66:

Running Default theme
AdBlock Plus 2.4

How do I capture and attach a screenshot?
(Ctrl-PrtSc and then paste into Word, attach to post?)

Thanks :-[

I do grips with FSVieware.- Portable.
I just thought I would have a different theme. So ask a screenshot.
If you do not have this icon? ???
Try the portable version. No need to install a system.
When installing IceDragon check the box - Portable.

Install in any location. You can create a folder.
For me standing on the other partition. D:\

Running Default theme AdBlock Plus 2.4 NoScript
This is no problem.

FastStone screen shots attached (is this what you meant by a “grip”?)

Why did you ask if I do not have the ??? icon?

What I am looking for, is the big blue IceDragon icon :slight_smile:

Are you saying that the IceDragon icon is only found in the Portable App?

[attachment deleted by admin]

is this what you meant by a "grip"?
:D Yes. Your CID look good. ( Screenshot). What you look for I can't understand? You can show an arrow? If that that on my screenshot.?
Are you saying that the IceDragon icon is only found in the Portable App?
No. You see it only in portable? Other look if to disconnect the menu panel.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Hi jenny66 - now we are getting somewhere! :slight_smile:

Yes, your 2nd screenshot is what I am missing -

I have the small round icon; all that happens when “clicked” are options to Restore / Minimize / Close the application.

The bigger rectangular one (which I do not have) is supposed to launch all sorts of shortcuts
for Options, Add-Ons, Bookmarks, etc. per the Comodo On-Line Help feature.
I eventually “found” all of those functions, mostly under the “Tools” command.
But when a n00b is trying out a new browser, he may understandably question why
his installation does not look and function like the “Official” version! :o

I have not yet tried the portable version; in my experience the “fixed” installations are
often more up-to-date and bug-free.

So we are back to my original question - is the big rectangular shortcut launching icon supposed
to be there; if so, why isn’t it; and if not, why is it on the Comodo Help page ???


Hi IceFlea,

Sorry for the trouble you’re having. The help file you are looking at is making the assumption that you have the menu bar hidden, which in your case it’s visible. You need to hide the menu bar by right-clicking anywhere on the menu bar and unchecking the menu bar. Then the IceDragon button will appear so it should look more like the help file and then you can click on the IceDragon button to get to the options menu. If you want the menu bar back, right-click on the white area just below the tabs and click on menu bar to bring it back.

Hope that answers your question.

Thank you, gs22 for the focused reply - sounds like you have answered the question before!

Is there a “point system” for correct and helpful answers? You deserve one!

And thank you also, jenny66 for your patience with yet one more n00b question! :a0

I would consider this topic successfully “closed”.


I am glad that all of you understood. :slight_smile:

The help file you are looking at is making the assumption that you have the menu bar hidden, which in your case it's visible.
Yes it is. [b]At installation by default - only a rectangular badge.[/b] gs 22 correctly explained to you. :-TU But on your screenshot I saw all menus :) and solved that you know as to include and disconnect services. Therefore couldn't understand plainly that you look for. ;) You are right. it is difficult to some users to find how to include the menu. In the reference of the help IceDragon it seems isn't shown where to bring the cursor and how to press to cause options for menu inclusion etc. Well, all right . Success.


Thanks for the compliment and you’re welcome!

Just glad jenny66 and I were able to answer your question.


This is proof that there shouild be a test to allow people to post on the interwebs:

  1. did you RTFM?
  2. did you search the forums for your prollem?
  3. if yes to 1 & 2: carry on then (as you were).

Works good, last long time once what goes on is known.

Hiding menu bar collapses that into the Drogon button that the rules book references repeatedly.

EDIT: noticing now that Drogon has same bug as IE8, i.e., when going into fullscreen mode, the menu bar becomes lost in the auto-hide.