IceDragon auto updates

When IceDragon is set to auto update, it downloads the setup file in the background which is fine but in which directory is it stored please?

Hi 7Leagues,
I think it depends on how the update is activated.
As far as I can tell it is as follows.
Silent update: C:\Windows\Temp
Manual update: C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Temp

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Thanks for your reply CS however, I have mine set to silent update and the setup file is not in either of those directories.
I opened the install log which shows “Setup Parameters : C:\Windows\temp\icedragon_setup.exe /S” so, in theory, the file should be there but it couldn’t be because the setup file is named icedragonsetup.exe, not icedragon_setup.exe and that is also shown in the inf file: DragonVersion version=‘’ url=‘’.

I also checked C:\Users\Downloads and C:\Users\Documents\My Downloads.
Might it be that the setup file is auto-deleted following a successful install?

Hi 7Leagues,
Earlier today I tested this by installing the previous version, then letting it update and the files/folders in the screenshot remain on my system.

Kind regards.

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Well that’s very strange because the downloaded file is now called icedragonsetup.exe whereas it was previously called icedragon_setup.exe. As you can see in the attached screenshot, the download link for auto-update calls icedragonsetup.exe.

How is it possible that your file is called icedragon_setup.exe?

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Hi 7Leagues,
I don’t know the reason for the file name differences, sorry. :-\

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My guess is that it depends on the technology implemented for the update process.

That being said, notwithstanding, and whatnot, I’d heartily recommend to not allow ‘blind’ updates of any application for any reason whatsoever.

First off, I don’t ever want to face a circumstance where I reboot / shut-down in the middle of an update

Secondly, I do NOT want anything happening while I’m tryin’
to fry that jack-hat with that most annoying voice on Comms when they’re hit with wiith 500,000 hit points at point-blanc range with the Vulcan Mind Flayer 9000

Always, always, always check the release notes BEFORE updating that important software, and maker sure you’s gots a backup of whaterver and whatnot before you do after you do check the release notes. Who knows? You may discover an undiscovered incompatiblity that’s NOT in the release notes.

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