IceDragon as default browser

I have waited till now to post this. I would have thought someone by now would have posted here if this is a bug?

  1. Windows XP SP3 32 bit
  2. Windows Firewall No anti virus, secondary anti malware: CCE , Emmissoft anti malware, Ma;warebytes, SuperAntispyware, HijackThis , and Old Comodo Cloud Scanner

3)The problem is that if you select either Make IceDragon my Default Browser or Tools - Options - Advanced - System Defaults - Check Now On the next restart of IceDragon you will always be asked Make IceDragon my default browser or if you unselect Always ask, if you go to Check now it will ask.
I know if I have another browser set as Default such as Dragon or IE8, they no longer will be default.
But does it maintain IceDragon as Default ??

  1. To resolve this problem I again downloaded the latest IceDragon Installer and tried Repair. IceDragon continued to ask the same question over on each restart/
    Then completely uninstalled IceDragon and reinstalled, again the same question is asked on every restart.

  2. No Screen shot

  3. No Memory Dump

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Thanks for this Bug Report UncleDoug,
Same thing happening here.
It is setting as default correctly, confirmed by opening from an external link (eg. Opening browser from a link within an email or similar does open CID when it is set as default) but the inbuilt Check Now function does not recognise the fact that you have made CID your default browser.
Edit: Reworded for clarification.

i have win 7 64bit and use CIS and Kingsoft Antivirus but i have not this problems. maybe on win xp only!?

Hi M.Richter,
Thanks for the reply, I am seeing this issue on Win7 32bit. :-
Edit: Also tried on a Vista machine with the same issue.


A workaroud for this issue would be to set Firefox as the default browser then set IceDragon as default in it’s place.
We will have a fix for this issue in the next release.

Thank you for your support.

Hi George-Silviu Blendea,
Thanks for your reply and information on this issue.
Your time is appreciated. :slight_smile: