icedragon and scan stopped by werfault.exe

Why is my icedragon browser being prevented from opening by werfault.exe. I then get a box saying ‘Icedragon has stopped working.’ I see in the killswitch monitor that the Werfault has stopped it… I have tried switching off the ‘problem reports’ to MS, as advised but to no avail, Werfault is still active, of course, and switches off Ice Dragon. It effects no other browser. Werfault will also stop a Comodo full scan finishing. In fact, ‘Windows error reporting’ freezes mid scan and when I stop the scan, freezes the entire computer. I have scanned the system with Avast, Malwarebytes, Defender and Security Essentials which complete their scans but find no problems of any kind. There seems to be a issue between Comodo and Windows on my system. Any answers. That’s it, I think.

When Werfault runs a program has crashed and it is making a report to be sent to Microsoft. During that time the application will still show on the screen. When clicking on the application it will freeze and the title bar will say that the program is not responding.

Sometimes when Werfault runs too long for my patience I close it down in Task Manager. Then the program that crashed and froze will also be shut down.