IceDRAGON 26 and Flashplayer 17 high CPU

Is anybody having a problem with extreme cpu usage with flashplayer 17 and IceDRAGON??? When I first started using IceD I was impressed, very fast. Now it’s a dog… I uninstalled FlashP 17 and IceD loads much quicker but now I have no player…

I can’t say I had that problem.
Have you tried cleaning your processor? Dust can seriously raise the temperature.

If that doesn’t help, run IC with flashplayer instaled and the “Task Manager”.
Check under “Processes” tab how many “FlashPlayerPlugin_17_0_0_188” are running.
If you have multiple videos playing in different browsers you will have more than two “FlashPlayerPlugin_17_0_0_188” processes running, but there shouldn’t be more than two processes if only one browser is running.
If you do have multiple processes, scan for malware or viruses and try this:

Control Panel\All Control Panel Items, click on "Flash Player (32/64 bit) and it should open “Flash Player Settings Manager”.
On the “Storage” tab click “Delete All”, it should open a separate window, click “Delete Date” but don’t check the “Delete All Audio and Video License Files”,

For references:
I just played a video in hd 1080p and the process is running at 250,000/300,000k, and my CPU (AMD FX6300) is running at around 30C.

Hope this helps, cheers.