IceDragon 22 not showing thumbnail images in new tab page? Help

I can’t get the view of the thumbnail in the new tab page showing the 9 thumbnails that are showing up with a title in the tab but not the image of the site,Its just blank.
I can view videos and utube. and flash is enabled.

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[u]In Firefox 14 and above [/u]disabled creating thumbnails of the pages that should not be saved in the cache. Instead of sketching these pages are empty rectangles. If you need a new tab with all the thumbnails, select one of the[u] extensions [/u]for visual bookmarks.

Edit: But try.
Save the bookmarks to the - Bookmark bar.
When to open the box - New Tab - drag icons from the Bookmarks bar - where in the blank 9 pictograms.
Then when you to open them, the a thumbnails should be preserved.
All ok. Checked: CID 22, FF 23 beta ( all portable).

In the main browser settings must be included - Caching. Also switched - To remember the story.
I would recommend to work - not to remember history

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