Ice Dragon update failed (installation failure)

I seen the download button in the toolbar and clicked it. It downloaded and then displayed the restart button.

Then presto bingo! A pop-up that displays “Ice Dragon update failed (installation failure)” When I relaunch the browser the same download button is present. I went through the routine three times with the same results.

I clicked the cancel button and that toolbar went away.

I have similar problems. But a question for you. Are you trying to update the Portable version of CID?
I have a feeling that is what is failing, that they have made 38 non-portable and the portable update screws up.

I don’t know what that means. How do I tell if its ‘portable’? My version of CID is installed on a desktop platform.

That notwithstanding, nevertheless, and all that, I think this would be an excellent time to mention no Firefox user should be sans the FEBE plugin. Its a wonderful utility that backups EVERYTHING in the current Firefox profile. Moreover, its a ‘stateful’ backup, i.e., restoring a complete profile backup will restore all tabs in the particular browser session present when the backup was made.

Proper use of FEBE will entail creation of an alternate profile, i.e., backups can only be restored to inactive profile. So the stategy would be launch Firefox into the alternate backup - obviously one that has plug-in FEBE installed - and restore the backup to the default profile and then restart Firefox using the default profile. THAT is a very important safety tip with respect to updating plug-ins; one or more may bork a profile.

If a profile gets borked post mass-upadate of plug-ins, then its a simple matter to restore the FEBE bkup and then systematically iterate through plug-in updates until the prollem-chil’ is uncovered. Then its a simple matter to restore the backup, and refrain from updating the specific plug-ins found to bork browser functionality.

Believe me when I say that’s a whole lot simpler than starting from scratch with a reset browser profile. And if that’s not enough: the backup is portable across platform! That’s beautiful in that you can make somebody else’s browser session look just like yours and thereby facilitating support e.g., over the phone, and, furthermore, supersedes the requirement of extension installation, and configuration of what is contained in the profile backup can eliminate inclusion of your pron-surfing history / bookmarks, etc. if you don’t want to be sending that to Gramma.

I have the same problem - I keep getting a notification that a new update is available, try to download it - and then get “Failed. error in downloading”
I tried to download the new version directly from Comodo, not through the browser update, and got version which is what I have.
I do have the desktop version, not the portable version as far as I know.

Any ideas ?

I’ve tried to update a few times and keep getting the " “Ice Dragon update failed (installation failure)” message too.

Hi Guys,
I am not sure why the internal updater is failing, sorry.
The download link from the homepage is suppose to be updated any day now.

The direct download link below does give version 38.0.5.

Kind regards.

Thanks captainsticks, now updated successfully from your link :slight_smile: