Ice Dragon Update Crash


I am New to IceDragon. I discovered last Year Vers 17. I am Used to FF IE …
It is a very good Alternativ to FF. Thanks a lot for this nice Tool.
Only problem is with updates to a new version. Since Ver 17, once I click download option to update, System will download, remove the old version, starts installing and then crashes.

I had to download full version using other FF to access the site.
Install new IceDragon version
Everything is Perfect.
Fortunately no loss of data (Passwords, bookmarks add-ons etc…)
I did not have to use my manual FEBE backup.

But Since it happened for the 3rd time, I thought I should mention it.

Today I had it with Vers 19 update.
My system is:
Vista 32bit French version. (I am using IceDragon English version)
Norton 360 Premium
Open Office
My System is a little bit slow (Hard disk overloaded, Too many installed Programs ) and Mem 2GB.
Enough Hard disk space and Swapfile space.
When I update, I stopped all other applications, so no interference with Ice Dragon Update.

Thanks for your work.
Keep up the Good Job.

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From what you’ve mentioned the updater is on manual mode.
Please create a log using DebugView to help us identify the issue.
To create a log file you have to download DebugView from this location: DebugView - Sysinternals | Microsoft Learn.
After launching DebugView go to the “Capture” menu and select this option: “Capture Global Win32”.
Then, execute the downloaded IceDragon setup from the command line with the ‘/S’ (silent mode ) parameter.
If the issue still occurs please send us the log.
Thank you.